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La maison

40 Years in the making

The “House of Coral” is a family story, which first opened its very first store in 1971. Coral is very much ingrained in Corsican traditions and in many other cultures.

A matter of tradition, know-how and quality that we have been perpetuating in our company for decades.
Through our creations, we try to bring together tradition and modernity around the jewelry we offer.

 MDC and Vision


Eco-Awarness & Responibility 

  Red coral (Corallium rubrum) is a colonial animal, in which every individual is called a polyp. Their skeletons, made of calcium carbonate, pile up to form coral, iron oxide gives its red oxblood color. The diameter of its branch grows 1 mm every four years. At MDC, we strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewelry, with a great conscious and respect to the enviornment.
An ethical and responsible charter is at the heart of our relations with our partners.


Our Ethical Stance

Nowadays, red coral is not legally protected, but its extraction is strictly regulated.

Today is our chance to take a conservative approach in the harvesting and culture of Marine vegetation in the Mediterranean Sea. 

In order to reduce impact on the environment and offer products that are accessible to everyone, we have chosen to partner with coral industry leaders to work with parameters on harvesting for future growth. Our priority is to limit the impact of our trade to a minimum. Tradition is important, but the protection of the environment is vital.

our commitment

Jewelry & Nature

When you wear a piece of jewelry decorated with coral, you are wearing a living organism.
Just as there are physiological advantages, this gemstone also has many psychological advantages.
More than a jewel or a color, it is a matter of choosing the coral that suits you and will live with you.