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Exclusive creations


The coral house offers a space dedicated to collectors.

Statues, paintings, cameos and exceptional jewels; that’s what we offer in our “collection” range.
Coral crops are very popular because of their rarity and beauty.

It is necessary to take the time to discover these treasures in our shop.

Take the time to book a visit to amaze you and find your master piece!

Statue & paintings


Details & elegance

Each of our statue is handmade and is a unique piece.

Wanted around the world, coral sculptures have crossed the ages to mingle with our interiors.

La maison du corail is fortunate to be able to offer its works of art that are becoming increasingly rare.

We invite collectors to share an intimate moment with our advisors to find THE piece that will make the difference!


Design & Creation

Each piece of coral is a treasure in its own right.

Due to a regulated fishing and a scarcity of the product, it is imperative to work all the production.

Working on compositions to enhance all parts of the coral is a way to limit its waste while highlighting it.

Practical head has become a part in itself with creations all finesse for a breathtaking result ….