La maison

40 Years in the making

Since 971

La maison du corail is a family history  first opened its doors in 1971, coral is very traditional in corsica and in a lot of other cultures
.passion, tradition,savoir faire:develop that 
Au fil du temps, l’île s’est ouverte et la demande s’est transformée
develop a bit saying we want to keep tradition but also give a vision with modernity and all adn  all some crap you can create je reprends aujourd’hui le flambeau de cette passion familiale.

 la vison mdc


Eco-Awarness & Responibility 

  Red coral (Corallium rubrum) is a colonial animal, in which every individual is called a polyp. Their skeletons, made of calcium carbonate, pile up to form coral, iron oxide gives its red oxblood color. The diameter of its branch grows 1 mm every four years. At MDC, we strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewelry, with a great conscious and respect to the enviornment.
An ethical and responsible charter is at the heart of our relations with our partners.


Our Ethical Stance

Nowadays, red coral is not legally protected, but its extraction is strictly regulated.

Today is our chance to take a conservative approach in the harvesting and culture of Marine vegetation in the Mediterranean Sea. 

In order to reduce impact on the environment and offer products that are accessible to everyone, we have chosen to partner with Italian producers to work with parameters on harvesting for future growth. Our priority is to limit the impact of our trade to a minimum. Tradition is important, but the protection of the environment is vital.

Votre engagement

Bijouterie & nature

Quand vous portez un bijou orné de corail, vous portez un organisme vivant.
Tout comme il existe des avantages physiologiques, cette pierre précieuse présente également de nombreux avantages psychologiques.
Plus qu’un bijou ou une couleur il s’agit de choisir le corail qui vous correspond et qui vivra avec vous.