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La Maison du corail (the House of Coral)  is the most prestigious coral jewelry institution in France located on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica. It is above all a story of family, tradition, and passion that has been passed down over the years. 


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Hoops, simple ornaments with different shapes and designs to complete all your outfits.


Natural coral with gold or silver come together to create a bracelet you’ll reach for again and again.


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It takes more than 100,000 years for coral to turn into a reef. From early Eygptians to Victorian age, from talismans to fashionable jewelry, coral has always had a place of choice among collectors. Our jewelry is made from a spectacular array of Mediterranean corals not found anywhere else on Earth.


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 Each piece of coral is respectively hand picked by scuba divers, scrutinised, and carefully selected for precision hand made jewllery. Each piece is truly unique. 


We put the quality of our coral at the heart of the creation of our pieces. Our employees give decades of skill and insight to the overall quality of our products.




The Process

Literally each branch of coral is cut and carved by our Italian craftsmen and then set on either 18 karat gold or sterling  silver.


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Coral is associated with the planet Mars. Most of the benefits of stone come from this connection. In the Corsican culture it is an integral part of the traditions.
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